Nikkei cuisine comes to Barcelona

Reservations phone number 93 624 01 77
from Tuesday to Friday
from 1pm to 4:30pm. Saturdays from 11:00h to 12:00h and 16:00h to 17:00h




Amélie oyster with juice of "ají amarillo" (unit) - 6

Chalaca sauce with mussels and yucca chips12,5€

Squid nigiri with caviar (unit) - 12€

Sea cucumber nigiri with ume shoyu and green shiso (unit) - 7,5€

Crunchy cornet of tuna belly (unit) - 7,5€

 Palamós prawn toast - 6,5

"Feo de Tudela" tomato with "ají amarillo! and lettuce juice vinaigrette - 8,5€



Octopus salad with olluco, edamame and kimchi18,5€

Sunomono with king crab and tosazu sauce32€

Tuna belly sashimi with egg yolk sauce and yuzu gel - 38€

Chilean wagyu beef tataki with potato chips and chifero ponzu - 29



                                Wild meagre fish ceviche with lulo "leche de tigre", sweet potato purée,                                 avocado with nori seaweed, onion, canchita serrana and coriander - 26,5€

                                       Wild meagre fish ceviche with masato “leche de tigre”,                                     glazed sweet potato, canchita serrana and coriander oil - 24€

    Classic ceviche with canchita serrana, onion, coriander and glazed sweet potato - 23€

King oyster mushroom tiradito with panca and soy sauce10,5€



   Salmon maki causa with aburi sauce - 5,5€

  King crab maki causa with umeboshi mayonnaise - 6,5€

      Baby cuttlefish maki causa with Osaka sauce and rocoto "acevichada" mayonnaise - 6€

   Fried causa with chicken and huacatay4€

   Grilled Iberian pork jowl with siu panca sauce - 4,5€



 Mushroom gyoza with chifera sauce2€

       Shrimp siu mai with “anticuchera sauce” and “ají amarillo” sauce - 4€

  Market fish “sanguchito”, with "acevichada" mayonnaise4,5€



   Homemade soba of shiitake with yuzu sobatsuyu sauce* - 15,5€

      Roasted aubergine with sesame cream, “ají panca” and katsuobushi11,5€

Salmon “cocochas” tempura with wong kung sauce -19,5€

Ceps with "ají amarillo escabeche" sauce17,5€



Fried razorfish with Andean salt (minimun 200 g)100gr/10,5€

  Red mullet with “ají amarillo escabeche” nikkei sauce, broccoli and pak choi24€

                                       The duo: Langoustine sashimi and its roasted head                                         Langoustine wonton with dashi - 15,5€

“Bocado de la reina” anticucho with ollucos and “carretillera” sauce12€

Ají de gallina* (Spicy Peruvian chicken stew)18€

                               Chilean Wagyu Beef: Aged rib eye steak, pak choi with kimchi panca,                                coriander emulsion sauce and pickles (minimun 200 g)100gr/20€



Smoked coconut soup and coconut gel  - 7,5€

Strawberries with huacatay sorbet  - 7,5€

Humita with coffee toffee and chocolate  ice cream with cinnamon - 8,5€

Wild strawberries mochi - 1unit/3,5€

Green tea tiramisu with Nikka whisky - 12€

Sweet potato "picarones" with figs and cinnamon honey - 7,8


 Dear customers, due to the fact that we work exclusively with fresh products, there may be slight variations in our proposal; the following à la carte option is a sample of our gastronomic offer.

Reservations phone number
93 624 01 77
from Tuesday to Friday from 1pm to 4:30pm. Saturdays from 11:00h to 12:00h and 16:00h to 17:00h

Nikkei cuisine comes to Barcelona