Nikkei cuisine comes to Barcelona

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The project

 Why Pakta?
The admiration that we have for Japanese and Peruvian cuisine has led us to take on this project with the help of 2 valuable young chefs. In Quechua, the original language of Indigenous Peruvians, Pakta means “Together, Union”. Therefore, we have brought together Kioko Ii from Japan and Jorge Muñoz from Peru to share this fascinating union of cuisines. Of course a Catalonian, Albert Adrià will also have his say and will combine this wonderful cocktail of cultures, offering a new experience both for us and we hope for you too.
 What is Nikkei cuisine?
The term Nikkei is used to refer to emigrants of Japanese origin and their descendants. Peru was the first South American country to have a diplomatic relationship with the Empire of Japan in 1873, and also the first to receive Japanese workers. In the mid 80’s the name was used as a reference for all Japanese cuisine that is prepared outside Japan using indigenous products, however, for most, the term has been accepted and defined as a mixture of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, that combines the tastes and techniques of both cultures.
 Why a testing  menu?
We want our customers to experience cuisine that is new and different, as well as being able to make the best possible use of the seasonal products. As such, we consider that given the difficult situation of knowing what to choose, it is better to guide customers with a series of some of the most representative dishes that you will find in our tasting menu.

Currently we have à la carte option, subject to seasonal products and market availability, to satisfy the needs of those who want to choose the dishes to enjoy in their experience with us. 

Nikkei cuisine comes to Barcelona